NEUTRINOVOLTAIC Just like a solar cell that provides power even in total darkness, neutrinovoltaic supplements conventional photovoltaic technology. The evolution of the solar cell Neutrinovoltaic
Photovoltaic: the visible spectrum
In its early stages solar power also developed quite slowly. Although first implemented in 1958 for space travel, the 70’s saw the use of solar cells primarily in small-scale applications such as pocket calculators, and almost 20 years passed before an entire household could be supplied with electricity. The triumph of photovoltaic technology set in at the beginning of the 90’s, and now solar power derived from the visible spectrum is all-pervasive.
The Nobel Prize
In 2015, both the Canadian explorer Arthur Mc Donald and the Japanese Takaaki Kajita succeeded - independently - in demonstrating that neutrinos have a mass. This was achieved by newly developed measuring methods, which clearly assign a mass to the neutrino. At the time of the Nobel Prize ceremony in 2015, hardly anyone thought what this discovery would mean for humanity ...
Neutrinovoltaic: the non-visible spectrum
Today the next stage in this evolutionary process is at hand: NEUTRINOVOLATAIC! The Neutrino Energy Group is presently developing innovative high-tech materials on the basis of spiked carbon derivatives that can be used to convert a portion of the non-visible spectrum into electricity.

NEUTRINO Deutschland GmbH

German-American research and development company

NEUTRINO Deutschland GmbH, headquartered in Berlin, cooperates with a worldwide team of scientists and various international research centers, which deal with application research, the conversion of invisible radiation spectra of the sun, among other things the neutrinos (high-energy particles, which ceaselessly reach the earth) in electric power. Particular emphasis is placed on cooperation with universities and higher education institutions in the field of basic research and the formation of an international research network for alternative energy technologies.

Ground was broken in the field of neutrino power in 2015 when two independent scientists, Takaaki Kajita in Japan and Canadian Arthur McDonald, proved that neutrinos – tiny rays of cosmic particles that permeate almost everything in the universe – did in fact have mass. And, as Einstein’s Relativity Theory goes, e=mc2, or everything with mass also contains energy. For their discovery, the two scientists were each bestowed the prestigious Nobel Prize in Physics
The next step, and one that Neutrino Energy has embarked on, was to develop what was previously thought to be impossible – harnessing that energy for power generation. In principle, harvesting neutrinos as an energy source is similar to that of a traditional photovoltaic (PV) solar cell. Neutrinos are not captured; instead a portion of their kinetic energy is taken and converted into electricity.
The Neutrino Power Cell is made of layers of silicon and carbon, which are applied to a metallic substrate with surgical precision so that when neutrinos hit them, it results in a resonance. Neutrino Energy discovered how to build such a cell that could convert the optimal level of resonance into resonating frequency on an electrical conductor, and then capture this energy. A crucial advantage is that the process requires no sunlight. For 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, Neutrino Power Cubes can transform portions of energy into power, anywhere in the world.
The new technology may help future generations meet their energy needs without requiring inefficient infrastructure, competition for scarce natural resources and environmental burden, which requires immediate action to stop it from becoming a climate catastrophe.
Neutrino energy: harnessing the power of cosmic radiation

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Neutrino Energy: The escape from fossil energy based energy supply system


TODAY WE STILL FIND OURSELVES IN THE ERA OF “HOMO ELECTRICUS” …and electricity will continue to play an important role in mankind’s never-ending strides towards further development. Solar energy was an important first step on the way to liberating our planet from its crippling dependence on fossil fuels, but the visible spectrum was merely the beginning.  

Scientists and researchers now know that the invisible spectrum holds even greater possibilities, and the converters necessary to tap this vast potential are already in the production stage. We have finally reached a point where generators are no longer necessary for the production of electricity, and this will revolutionize society on a grand scale, freeing humanity to live more in accordance with the principals of Reason and of Conscience. In short, neutrino energy is destined to become the perfect power source for a brighter future. 

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